Wednesday, June 16, 2010

After Dinner Speech
at the SEC General Synod

I missed the General Synod Dinner this year and while the conflicting engagement was both important and enjoyable it would have been good to hear Robin Angus' after dinner speech.

The Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church in America was in attendance.

There are some in-jokes which non-Piskies might not get but there is plenty to amuse even outsiders. Dr Patricia Peattie, who is referred to on a number of occasions in the speech, is the outgoing Convenor of the Provincial Standing Committee. She is a retired nurse (and professor of nursing) of the old model who, we must imagine, could have reduced the prickliest of old-fashioned male Consultants to blobs of jelly back in the day. She is a highly organized and intentional lady and David Palmer, her successor, has very big shoes indeed to fill.

Ruth Innes has a copy of Robin's after-dinner speech on her blog and it can be seen HERE. Enjoy.

I will forgive him for mentioning pretty well every Scottish Episcopal blogger except me. Then again, we haven't been introduced.